Water Supply

Hot water supply

We stock most of the popular sizes of hot water storage cylinders and are able to offer a bespoke size service for next day delivery (if ordered by 1.00 pm).

We stock most popular sizes of hot water storage cylinders, etc.

Size and capacity comparison guide (carried in stock as indirect)



Litres nominal/actual

Gallons nominal/actual

60 x 12

1500 x 300



72 x 12

1800 x 300



36 x 15

900 x 375



42 x 15

1075 x 375



48 x 15

1200 x 375



36 x 16

900 x 400



42 x 16

1050 x 400



48 x 16

1200 x 400



36 x 18

900 x 450



42 x 18

1050 x 450



48 x 18

1200 x 450



60 x 18

1500 x 450



60 x 20

1525 x 500



These conventional cylinders are available as direct or indirect.

More new build and restyling projects are moving towards the pressurised hot water system. This type of system has two criteria to be fulfilled to allow good system performance:

  1. A mains water pressure greater than 2 bar (preferable 3 bar)
  2. The flow rate at this pressure of grater than 22 l/min.

Meet these important requirements and this system will give several benefits over conventional installations – the removal of the cold water storage tank from the loft; a balanced hot and cold water system throughout the house; and the equivalent of ‘power showers’, without the need for expensive and noisy pumps.

There are several manufacturers in this area, offering both direct and indirect methods of heating the cylinders. Probably the market leader is Megaflo, which offers a 25 year warranty on its stainless steel cylinder. It also gives size comparison tables to show the stored water required for everything from a flat to a hotel!

Cold water supply

 The standard installation for a house is a 50 gallon tank; these we stock from the Cistern 2000 range from Polytank. Also supplied by this company are conventional style tanks – be they rectangular, framed, circular or ‘coffin’, these are normally available for next day delivery.

Water conditioning

There are several ways to provide ‘conditioned water’ for a house, but the most commonly recognised is the water softener. We supply softeners from several manufacturers, but one we can fully recommend and endorse is the Atlantis AT210, which we have been offering for about six years. During that time we have had only the smallest problems with estimated breakdowns of less than one a year!  It is offered as either standard (conventional coldwater storage tank) or highflow (pressurised water system) options.

If you’re unable to accommodate the size of a water softener but want to reduce build up of lime scale, then a Waterwave electronic water conditioner may be the answer. With its easy installation (all you need is an 13A socket), it has one of (if not the) largest frequency ranges that help to keep the lime scale in solution and thus reducing the effects of lime deposits.

We have sold hundreds of these over the past years, always with the unconditional warranty that if you don’t think it is working for you, we will refund the price within six months of purchase. So far, we have never had one returned.