Kitchen Sinks & Brassware

This manufacturer has some of the most innovative and stylish sinks in the marketplace.

The Professional Range consists of Stainless Steel, Fragranite and ceramic. These are ready-created sink and tap packages that still offers a wide selection of styles from which to choose.

Next is the Specialist Sinks range, again offered in Stainless Steel, Fragranite, ceramic and under-mount versions.

This manufacturer uses several materials for sinks, from the traditional ceramic and stainless steel to the more unusual wooden Belfast style sink. A range of taps is available to complement these.

This company offers a very large range of kitchen sinks and taps. Sinks range from the contract to the decorative farmhouse style Belfast, along with stainless steel sit-on, under mount and insert types. Also offered are the composite construction in lots of shapes and styles. Many taps are displayed in our showroom; delivery is on weekly basis.