Bette is a German manufacturer that offers an incredibly large and diverse range of baths and shower trays, of steel construction and in all shapes and sizes. Prices start from £159 for the simple Form 1700 x 700 mm two tap variant and rise to the flagship Cora Ronda shower bath at £5,300!

Carron has been manufacturing baths for 25 years.  The company produces a large variety of shapes and sizes in three choices of thickness/strength – 5 mm, 8 mm and Carronite – available.

This company is relatively new to Boast Plumbing, but we’ve been supplying its impressive quality product for over five years and the range has recently been extended. Renaissance offers baths in two levels of quality: the standard 5 mm acrylic sheet construction and the Armour Plus range. The latter start life as a standard 5 mm and have a further three layers of reinforcement applied to give them the strength and rigidity of a steel bath with the warmth of acrylic. Prices start from £182 for a 5 mm variant and £289 in A+.

Ideal offers many baths with each of its ranges of sanitaryware. Again there are various types of construction for baths, with the recent addition of Form Plus+, a reinforced version on 15 ranges. The Idealcast variant is the flagship of the range, offered on the Create shower bath and roll top.

This is another German company often regarded as the number one in Europe. It offers a comprehensive range of standard (2.3 mm) and luxury baths constructed in heavy duty steel (3.5 mm).  The range of bath, shower tray and ancillary bathroom goods stretches to over one hundred products.